It’s important to understand the choice is yours in auto appraisal. Experience is the key factor when choosing an appraiser, and Blast from the Past Auto Appraisal has the experienced and knowledgeable professionals you need to get an estimate you can trust. Our services include auto appraiser, auto appraisal expert, and car appraiser. Other specialties Include:

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Our promise to you is our very best professional appraisal and your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with an unbiased and accurate report. Other services that we provide include local appraiser, local auto appraiser, and professional auto appraiser.


What You NEED To Ask Before Hiring Any Auto Appraiser Anywhere:

  1. Does the Certified Auto Appraiser  have over 25 years experience in the Largest Car Market in the U.S.?*
  2. Has the Auto Appraiser managed a Dealer Auto Auction and understand true values of vehicles currently in the marketplace? With current important data/information from industry professionals in Dealerships, Auctions, Auto body shops, Frame Repair facilities, Rental car companies and Legal professionals that deal with Automotive issues?
  3. Does your auto appraiser have Specialized tools such as : paint thickness gauges, accident history reports, book value & market guide programs for dealers (not available to public), auction results and real sales data from their own auction?
  4. Knowledge of the policies and procedures in Certification programs by Dealerships which can directly relate to the market value of a vehicle, which in turn create value in an auto appraisal?
  5. Understand how to read an opposing Valuation auto appraisal report and understand the reasons why it is incorrect or devalued?
  6. Does the Certified appraiser comply with any uniform standards and partake in continuing education?
  7. What is the auto appraiser’s track record in Civil and small claims court dealing with automotive issues?
  8.  Professional appointee, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles (Central Dist., Dept 56) court appointed expert witness.
  9. Court Appointed expert for Los Angeles County Public defenders office on matters related to vehicles and vehicle valuation.
  10. Have they Mediated Automotive VALUATION issues between savvy “hard nosed” dealers for over 15 years?
  11. Did they train at the best program in the U.S. for Mediation and Dispute Resolution?**

*Copyright © 2018 National Automobile Dealers Association **Pepperdine University; U.S. News and World Report law school rankings Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution


Has Your Vehicle Lost Value Due to an Accident?

Diminished Value FAQ

Just because a vehicle “looks” good after a proper repair doesn’t mean that it will be as safe as it was or hold up to a subsequent accident as well. Remember, auto body shops can make your vehicle look aesthetically pleasing, repair it to guidelines perfectly, but once the structural integrity of a vehicle has been compromised its very possible that it will not perform the way the manufacturer intended it to. When a structure is intended to crush a certain way or a frame has specific pressure points that when impacted bend in a specific manner(potentially saving the interior passenger compartment)the factory has created an optimum environment as best as circumstances can prevail. When those points have been altered, even by minimal damages, this could create a weakness in the structure compromising the engineering of the vehicle creating irreparable damages. Even in minor accidents, if a vehicle has a collision or previous damage to the next prospective buyer, its has a stigma attached! Which in turn lowers the value of the vehicle. Get an auto appraisal expert that knows these facts!

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